Who we are

Invest Tech’s mission is to add value in the development of innovative companies in Brazil. We are partners of entrepreneurs, helping to improve their companies’ operating structure and governance. We believe that by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation we contribute to the country’s growth.

A pioneer in funds dedicated to IT and Telecommunications, Invest Tech currently has approximately R$ 466 million of assets under management.

We invest in companies where technology is the main tool to improve performance and leverage market positioning in various industries: IT, telecommunications, agribusiness, finance, health, education, clean technology and services in general, with primary focus on B2B and B2B2C.

Our strategy is to act in Private Equity and Venture Capital with dedicated teams and theses. The result is a comprehensive look at innovation and its impact on the Brazilian market – from the most disruptive technology to the best growth model. Learn more in funds.



Ethics – We dream of a world where ethics is not a value to be described, but permeates every business and relationship. It is the foundation of all our values.

Long-term vision – We believe in long-term return, and, to this end, governance is critical. As fund managers, we have invested, we have divested, and to ensure the business continuity of our investees, and our own, governance is key. We are proud of our history, but we believe this is just the beginning.

Development – Value creation guides us. From mentoring teams to investing in new business models, what we want is to contribute to the development of people, markets, the country and the world.

Know-how – We are a team with over 20 years of experience in domestic and international markets. We do not know it all, but we have experienced different economic cycles, crises, acquisitions, mergers and integrations. We make important questions to entrepreneurs, and have management experience to help them with the answers.

Collaboration – We have a hands-on profile, making every effort needed to help our portfolio companies. We promote events, foster interactions between our investees, present potential customers, investors and advisers, helping them to become leaders in their respective markets. Therefore, we seek entrepreneurs who value “smart money”.

Our History


Advisory services to middle market companies in the technology space.


Registered as fund manager. Launch of Capital Tech I fund.


End of first fund’s investment period. Focus on funds management, shutting down advisory services with over 30 successfull transactions.


Launch of Capital Tech II fund, with R$ 209 million subscribed by local and international institutional investors.


Investment from Tesália do Brasil (Spanish origin), bringing expertise in Telecom and Technology.


Seven companies in our portfolio, with sales ranging from US$ 5 million to US$ 50 million.


Capital Tech I fully divested. End of Capital Tech II fund’s investment period. Launch of Invest Tech VC fund.


America Net divestment and launch of two new funds: Invest Special Situations, and Invest Tech V.  


Invest Tech was organized to reflect its business model: giving freedom of execution to the management, once the vision and strategy have been designed. It is our Board of Directors’ role to guide these decisions.

Furthermore, each fund has its own Investment Committee, dedicated to analyzing investment opportunities, follow-on rounds, and strategic decisions regarding our portfolio companies. This committee is formed by Gilmar Camurra, Mauricio Lima and Wagner Araujo, as well as some advisers, depending on the sector of the company to be analyzed.

Our governance model follows local and international best practices for companies of our size. We have a Code of Conduct, a Code of Operational Security and we have signed ABVCAP/ANBIMA’s Code of Conduct.