Who we are

Invest Tech’s mission is to add value in the development of innovative companies in Brazil. We are partners to entrepreneurs, helping to enhance their operational and governance structure. We believe that by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, we contribute to the country’s growth.

As pioneers in funds dedicated to IT and Telecommunications, Invest Tech currently manages approximately R$ 1 billion in assets.

We invest in companies that use technology as a critical factor for process improvement, efficiency, and business longevity across various sectors, including IT, telecommunications, agribusiness, finance, healthcare, education, clean technology, and general services, with a primary focus on B2B and B2B2C.

Our strategy involves operating in Private Equity and Venture Capital with dedicated teams and theses. The result is a comprehensive perspective on innovation and its impact on the Brazilian market—from the most disruptive technology to the best growth model. Learn more at funds.


Ethics – We dream of a world where ethics is not just a value to be described but permeates all business and relationships. That’s why it is the foundation of all our values.

Long term vision – We believe in long-term returns, and for that, governance is fundamental. As managers, we have already invested and divested, and we are guided by governance to ensure the longevity of the businesses we invest in and of Invest Tech itself. We are proud of our history, but we believe this is just the beginning.

Development – We are guided by value generation. From mentoring teams to investing in new business models, our goal is to contribute to the development of individuals, markets, the country, and the world.

Know-how – We are a team with over 20 years of experience in the Brazilian and international markets. We don’t know everything, but we have experienced different economic cycles, crises, acquisitions, mergers, and integrations. We ask important questions of entrepreneurs and have management experience to help them find the answers.

Collaboration – We have a hands-on approach and spare no effort to help our investees. We promote events and foster exchanges among portfolio companies. We introduce potential clients, investors, and advisers, collaborating to make our investees stand out in their respective markets. That’s why we seek entrepreneurs who value “smart money.”

Our history


Financial Advisory Services for technology companies with a focus on the Middle Market.


Registry as Fund Manager and launch of Capital Tech I Fund.


Conclusion of the Investment Period for Fund I. Exit from Financial Advisory Services (Successful track record in more than 30 transactions).


Launch of Capital Tech II Fund with R$ 209 million raised from local and international institutional investors.


Entry of Tesália do Brasil with predominantly Spanish capital and expertise in Telecom and Technology.


Investment in 7 companies in the portfolio, with annual revenues ranging from US$ 5 million to US$ 50 million.


Divestment from all of Capital Tech I Fund’s assets; Conclusion of the Investment Period for Capital Tech II Fund; Launch of the Venture Capital Fund.


Americanet divestment. Creation of the Special Situations Fund, a Continuation Fund that reinvested in Americanet. Investment in 3 companies in the the Invest Tech VC Fund.


Investment in 3 companies in the Invest Tech VC Fund.


Investment in 2 companies in the Invest Tech VC Fund.


Acesso divestment. Investment in 2 companies in the Invest Tech VC Fund.


Ahgora, Sky.one and Quality divestment and reinvestment through the new Continuation Fund, Invest Tech Growth III. Construmarket and Ogasec divestment. Investment in 1 company in the Invest Tech VC Fund.


Invest Tech was organized to reflect its business model: we seek to give the executive body freedom of operation once the strategy and main direction have been outlined.

To enable this type of conduct, we have formed a Board of Directors that directs the growth strategy and evaluates Invest Tech’s key long-term issues.

In addition to the Board of Directors, each fund has an Investment Committee dedicated to analyzing investment opportunities, follow-on and monitoring investees. This committee is made up of Gilmar Camurra, Mauricio Lima and Wagner Araujo, in addition to occasionally having our specialist advisors, depending on the sector in which the company being analyzed operates.

Our governance model follows the best international and local practices for companies of our size. We created an Internal Code of Conduct and Ethics, developed an Operational Safety Code of Conduct and are subscribers to the ABVCAP/ANBIMA Code of Conduct.